The Banana Split Duathlon & 5K Timing System

We will be using a chip timed system called the Jaguar this year. We are excited about this addition to our race.





Runner                                              Bib                                          Time  

  1. Kason Halfacre                           72                                            19:15

  2. Robert Warden                           93                                            19:36

  3. Daniel Hazelton                          73                                            20:17

  4. David Rivers                               82                                            22:57

  5. Bob Towsend                              80                                            23:15

  6. Bill Redden                                   81                                          25:28

  7. Jeff McFarland                              79                                          28:00

  8. Jennifer Bontrager (#1 Female)    91                                          31:14

  9. Rachel Osborne (#2 Female)       89                                            31:32

  10. David Riley                                 66                                            33:37

  11. Bill Osborne                               90                                            34:56

  12. John Durham                              87                                            36:26

  13. Carolyn Hamilton (#3 Female)    84                                            36:37

  14. Chris Teet                                   68                                            38:03

  15. Monica Baker                             71                                            40:40

  16. Jenny Teet                                  67                                            42:12

  17. Amber Kelley                              86                                            43:08

  18. Carol Talley                                70                                            44:08

  19. Stacia Anglin                              88                                            44:09

  20. Paul McKay                               83                                            101:43

  21. Patricia Yee                              74                                            101:43


The Summer Nights 5K is 2 weeks away!  Go get your registration at!  $20.00.  This race will start and finish on the Centerville Square.  At the finish of the race there will be live music, food, games and a zip line for your entertainment.  Race starts at 5:30.  Course chart will be asap.  It will go off the square down to the Jerry Dixon Walking trail and around side streets of Centerville.  There will be some elevation changes for everyone.  So GET YOUR COMMITMENT ON #GYCO and JUST FINISH BABY #JFB!

Andrea’s Army 5K Winners

andreasarmy5kwinnersEighty-two individuals signed up to participate in the Andrea’s Army 5K on Saturday, May 4, sponsored by Centerville’s Followers In Motion group. Although the weather attempted to put a damper on the event, many showed up to enjoy the 3.1 miles run/walk to benefit Andrea Spears and her battle with cancer. From the sound of the starting horn, sounded by Andrea and her children, the rain cleared for the entirety of the event. Runners were escorted by law enforcement officers Jonathan O’Guin and Cody Woods and were provided bottled water and refreshments courtesy of Community First Bank and FIM. Chris Hughes, with Four Seasons, worked with FIM on designing and making shirts for the event.
Winning runners for the 5K were Logan Hill (22:08), David Rivers (24:47), and Cole Anderson (25:00).
One thousand, five hundred dollars was raised by this event in addition to funds raised by the benefit at the Armory. Thank you to all participants and volunteers for helping make the event successful.
*Pictured with the Spears family are the winners of the 5K.

Banana Split 2013


We are so excited about this event.  We are donating to Vanderbilt’s Children Hospital with all the proceeds.  We are adding a 5K to the back end of the Split making it a ride, run, ride.  We are also offering a new Relay Team option.  2 or 3 people can now team up to slay the Beast and become the Split Relay Champions.  We also have a King of the Mountain prize for the fastest up the Beast (must have Strava).  We look forward to this awesome event and we hope you put us on your calendar.